December 15th, 2015 The Most Effective Bitcoin Mixer in 2020

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have many advantages, namely its value, anonymity and they cannot be faked. The anonymity of Bitcoin has brought a large number of people into the crypto market. Their financial situation is freer without the control of authorities. Bitcoin is often used in countries where the local currency is worth next to nothing. Therefore ever more People invest in cryptocurrencies, in order to have protection.

Is Bitcoin really no longer anonymous today as previously thought?

Bitcoin is still anonymous in itself, but only if they are not paid out. More and more companies are founded that can trace every transaction and also pass on data to authorities and other persons. Since you can no longer be sure where the Bitcoins you receive come from, we recommend using a bitcoin mixer. This again ensures real anonymity of the popular cryptocurrency.

By simply paying out your Bitcoins, you leave behind traces such as your IP address, e-mail address and bank account. Hackers often use this to hack your bitcoin wallet. You can prevent this by using a bitcoin mixing service.

Features of Coinomize and how it can protect your Bitcoins

Coinomize was founded in 2019 and is one of the most advanced and trusted bitcoin tumbler on the market today.

But what exactly is a Bitcoin Mixer and should I use one? This question is easy to answer. If you want to protect yourself from hackers and authorities and regain a bit of freedom in the world of control, you should send every Bitcoin transaction through Coinomize. This service guarantees the concealment of your Bitcoin origin and therefore cannot be traced back to you.

You can choose the delay time and the fees. The process is very simple and no basic knowledge is required. Simply enter your Bitcoin receiving address, select the fees and send time and start the process. A Coinomize Bitcoin address will then be displayed to which you can send your Bitcoins. Coinomize mixes your coins with the coins of other users and thus mixes all transactions in the blockchain and you are 100% anonymous again.

How can I trust this service?

Coinomize does not store any data from your transaction and the data where needed for your order will be completely deleted within 3 days. They only need your Bitcoin receiving address, nothing more.

They also offer a Letter of Guarantee that you can save and confirm that the generated address is really from Coinomize. This is very important because more and more good websites are cloned and people end up on a fake site and lose their money. You should therefore not trust any service that does not offer this Letter of Guarantee.

Coinomize offers 3 domains and one onion link. The real domains of the popular bitcoin laundry can be found on the official website below.

If you want to read more about this topic or want to know how to buy Bitcoin with Paypal, visit their website:

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