December 15th, 2015

Lenny Rosenberg, Acclaimed Restaurant Guru, On the Pandemic Affecting the Restaurant Industry Entering Fall 2020

Lenny Rosenberg

"At the moment all restaurants are in trouble as of now." - Lenny Rosenberg

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2020 / -- When we entered the pandemic shut down back in March 2020 we were in new territory that no one had seen before, like a twilight zone episode to be more specific! Everyone was scared and frightened to shop, eat and even walk outside their home because of the fear of the unknown virus. The government decided to shut down the economy which put most of all Americans for the first time in history out of work which caused massive store and office closings that was ensued by twenty million Americans on unemployment which caused hardship and fear across the country. Several months later we are in a much different environment, we have learned to adapt and survive in the new normal. For example, we all wear masks to bring down the infection rate which has served us well, but most people now are just upset and angry at how the government has handled our situation.

For starters the lock down came later than it should have and not as strict as other countries that have kept the virus more at bay. So now we are faced with a virus that does not want to go away and is forcing governors to keep a stay at home order in effect longer than it should have been specifically killing the restaurant industry. If you have been in a bunker the last six months then you may not know that the restaurant industry was hurt the worst. Here in California we are one of the worst hurt states specifically in Los Angeles where no indoor dining is allowed for six months and counting causing retail sales to be off more than fifty percent in the last six months into this pandemic. While restaurants have to adapt to a new way of conducting business by spending money to make customers and employees safe, governments fight amongst themselves trying to create a stimulus bill to help us out. Unfortunately, more than 30% of the restaurant industry has closed for good in America and now without a new stimulus bill the rest of the industry could collapse for good.

I have spent 30 years retooling and refining restaurants to the greatest profitability while making the fine tasting foods and teaching owners how to do the same. Now the restaurants that have survived have learned by sheer devastation on how to make their restaurants learn and be very productive in order to either break even or even slightly profitable with sales down fifty percent or more, I applaud all those great restaurant owners on learning to adapt and pivot in a very intense nervous time. I believe when restaurateurs like myself come out of this pandemic eventually we will see a new age. Most restaurants as we know of today will not exist and the small percentage of restaurants that survive will come out the other end completely different.

More to go foods prepared for customers to eat at home by pick up and mostly by the new innovation of the food apps like Uber, Postmates, GrubHub ect.. Restaurant Dining will be different also with more outdoor patio seating and less indoor to provide more comfortable space for patrons.

To sum it all up, at the moment all restaurants are in trouble as of now. Whether you are waiting for more PPP funds, indoor dining to resume, customers feeling comfortable dining out or just simply the frame of mind of your average family to change and feel confident and comfortable to go outdoors to eat and drink at local restaurant.


Lenny Rosenberg

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