December 15th, 2015

Launches the most advanced face mask: anti-bacterial-splash fabric mouth cover with Unisex design from Dony Garment

Quality Reusable Cloth Face Mask For COVID: Fashionable, Protective, Breathable, Soft Ear Loops, Non-irritating (FDA & CE Approved)

Quality Reusable Cloth Face Mask For COVID: Fashionable, Protective, Breathable, Soft Ear Loops, Non-irritating (FDA & CE Approved)

DONY MASK - premium Covid antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

DONY MASK - premium Covid antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

DONY MASK - premium antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

DONY MASK - premium antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

The Dony Premium Antibacterial Cloth Mask is washable and reusable. It has certification from CE, FDA, and TUV Reach. It is made from a 3-ply, water-resistant.

We’re proud to have supported many countries’ healthcare systems with our high-quality protective face masks and medical clothing.”— said Mr. Henry Pham, CEO of DONY Garment CompanyHO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, October 16, 2020 / -- The Dony Mask is available in a variety of colors and for bulk orders. It has 3-layers of protection that are well-thought-out in design and comfort. These layers filter out dust, germs, and bacteria. The Dony Mask designs are also unisex with Nose Clip and Adjustable Earloops..

Video about the launch of Dony Mask::

“This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China to purchase many goods and products, including reusable cloth face mask and protective clothing.

At Dony Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in Japan, the Middle East, and the United States, to discover our professional line of products which are manufactured in our factory in Vietnam, especially our new products for COVID-19. We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.” - Henry Pham - CEO Dony Garment Company.

Advantages of antibacterial, splash-resistant cloth face masks

The complicated course of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the habit of using a face mask of many people all over the world. They actually realize the importance of the face mask. Some choose to use medical masks; others choose antibacterial, splash-resistant cloth face mask. What are the advantages of antibacterial, splash-resistant cloth masks? Read the following article to find out your answers!

Antibacterial, splash-resistant cloth face masks decrease the risk of infection
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the viruses that cause many dangerous diseases including COVID-19 are spread mainly by the droplets of the patient's saliva or runny nose spread to the outside when they cough or sneeze. Wearing an antibacterial fabric mask can prevent you from coming into direct contact with the droplets that carry these dangerous germs.

Besides, antibacterial fabric masks also prevent dust from the outside environment. You are completely assured when using an antibacterial fabric mask during this epidemic season.

To achieve this benefit, however, you need to purchase an antibacterial fabric mask of clear origin with high quality and antibacterial properties test results of competent authorities. Dony antibacterial masks manufactured and distributed by DONY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, certified by many international organizations such as FDA Certification, C.E.Certification (Conformité Européenne), ISO 9001:2015, Global Intertek, etc. for the antibacterial rate up to 99.9%. Dony antibacterial cloth face mask is the first choice of many Vietnamese consumers.

Antibacterial and splash-resistant cloth face masks are reusable and economical
Unlike medical masks, antibacterial cloth face masks can be reused many times and still achieve high efficiency in preventing you from infectious diseases in the community. After using, the consumer can rinse it with soap and can reuse it in subsequent times. You will save a great amount of money for the family.

For Dony antibacterial cloth face masks, you can reuse them for longer than any model in the present market. They remain the ability to fight against bacterial with the rate up to 99.9% after 60 times of washes, outweighing other competitor products on the current market (10-30 of washing).

Comfortable to wear
Because of being made of soft cloth, antibacterial and splash-resistant cloth face masks are really comfortable to wear.

Dony Mask actually possesses a close fit and breathable design. It helps users feel comfortable, breathe the purest and safest air without any risk or trouble. When wearing Dony Mask for a long time. This is thanks to its soft nose bridge, elastic cord, and outstanding breathing resistance (mmH2O) at 1.8 (an excellent level).

Its strap could extend 270 percent of the original length, which reduces the discomfort for users when wearing the mask for a long time.
Dony Mask - the quality has been verified by many international organizations
A premium Dony antibacterial fabric face mask always consists of 3 plies.

And Dony makes all of these three layers complying with the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, creating a high-class antibacterial fabric face mask that can protect both the users and the community.

Being comfortable with consumers, Dony cloth face masks can be used by sensitive or allergic people.

With many great features in high quality, Dony Mask has been recognized by many international organizations about its high quality such as:
● FDA Certification for products exported to the US. market.
● ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
● C.E. Certification (Conformité Européenne)
● Certification of chemical safety (TUV Reach)
● Certification for Free Export
● Aseptic inspection certificate
● Global Intertek inspection certificate about 100% waterproof (this is a maximum level), UV resistance at 99.95% (Equivalent to high-class sun cream), more than 99.9% antibacterial even after 60 washes.
● Breathing resistance (mmH2O) at 1.8

Dony antibacterial and splash-resistant face masks are packed in medical packaging and sterilized with E.O gas technology used for Medical Supplies. E.O gas has the ability to penetrate the tiniest of pathways and destroy all kinds of bacteria and viruses. This technology is currently being used in sterilizing a broad variety of materials like medical devices, masks, and work-wear uniforms.

Therefore, they still guarantee good hygiene without any viruses or bacterial infections from the first use.

Final thought
With those benefits, choosing a high-quality cloth face mask is important to protect you from many diseases. And as you can see, Dony antibacterial masks have been certified with FDA certificate, ISO 9001: 2015, C.E Marking, to name a few, which proves its quality and safety.

If you are interested in Dony's antibacterial masks and want to become a distributor, you can contact Dony for early delivery or leave your contact on the website

Dony provides distribution for B2B purposes and even exclusive partnerships. The company can provide free samples, trial orders, wholesale orders, bulk orders and custom orders with branding opportunities for logos and labels. Businesses can either use the branding opportunities for use from their employees or to create merchandise for their customers or fans to buy.

Dony Mask has Exclusive Distributors in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, UAE.

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Dony Garment Launches the Most Advanced Reusable COVID Face Mask - anti-bacterial-splash fabric mouth cover - B2B Direct manufacturer wholesale supply.

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