December 15th, 2015

A Gap Year Isn't Just For College Kids Anymore - Independent Financial Advisory Firm Encourages Post-Pandemic Sabbatical for Gen X-ers to Rejuvenate Or Pivot

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Advisory Group of San Francisco, providers of Wealth & Life strategy, announced the launch of their "Midlife Gap Year" guide encouraging successful, driven business owners and professionals to prepare a post-pandemic plan, now.  Gen X-ers experiencing a COVID-induced desire for a life change can plan a Midlife Gap Year--- an extended break from their career to rejuvenate or pivot.

Midlife is complex. Gen X-ers need a Gap Year more than a high school grad. With high work pressure and family responsibilities, along with the pandemic’s upheaval, midlife is now even more intense. MIdlife professions and business owners have a choice: keep working hard, sacrificing today’s enjoyment, to try to retire early OR take planned breaks from your career along the way, working longer with more energy and fulfillment. The Advisory Group of San Francisco's 16-page Midlife Gap Year guide  takes business owners and leaders through a 3-step process to plan their hiatus and still feel financially secure.

"We see too many midlife business owners and leaders taking on gas pedal risk." ~ Greg Patterson, CEO

The "Gap Year" is often a coming-of-age milestone for high school graduates before their next chapter.  Yet, Gen X-ers in the throes of middle age --- the peak time for juggling family responsibilities and work demands – are far more likely than 18-year-olds to benefit from a break. According to research , the low point in the "lifetime happiness curve" bottoms out at age 47. While some midlifers look to their eventual retirement to find relief, The Advisory Group of San Francisco offers another alternative - a Midlife Gap Year.

A Midlife Gap Year offers Gen X-ers the opportunity to find clarity, regroup, and stave off the proverbial midlife crisis exacerbated COVID-19 stress. The Advisory Group advisors guide business leaders through a 3-step process to explore possibilities, plan a break and maintain financial security.  Though clients may have to work longer, the company believes the life-changing benefits of an extended break are worth the investment.

"We see too many midlife business owners and leaders taking on gas pedal risk." said Greg Patterson, CEO, "They keep the pedal to metal, going at full speed. They worry they will fall behind if they let up. The reality is, if they pace themselves, they will experience more fulfillment."

The Advisory Group created the guide to help Gen X-ers change their approach to Wealth & Life planning. "It no longer makes sense to save for 30-40 years and then spend down that nest egg for the next 30 years. We recommend a more custom plan that integrates breaks and investing in key times of life," said Lisette Smith, Senior Advisor.

The 16-page guide outlines how to create a plan from start to finish - even devising a re-entry strategy to ease back into a routine of whatever "new normal" awaits.


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