December 15th, 2015

Why an Accredited Residential Treatment Center Like Elevations RTC Stresses Transparency

Salt Lake City, Utah - 10-28-2020 (PR Distribution™) -

Earning accreditation as a residential treatment center is something that should never be taken lightly. Only programs that meet high expectations earn the right to list themselves this way. Elevations RTC, a program that focuses on teenagers based in Syracuse, Utah, allows their reputation to speak to themselves in a lot of ways. Accreditation helps, along with countless positive reviews from graduates.

What is one of their best qualities? A lot of people believe that their level of transparency makes a significant difference in earning and keeping trust with families and students.

A realistic view

Every residential treatment center is looking to sell themselves to prospective families in some way. Having a level of transparency and not glossing over hard topics is a great selling point for any program out there. Programs that do not want to provide all the facts are usually hiding something they are less than proud about.

The first thing presented to any newcomer to Elevations RTC is a breakdown of a typical day. Students can see what a day will look like before ever stepping foot on campus. For families, they know where their child is at all times, and it provides a level of confidence for those who want to trust the program and its schedule.

It is normal for a lot of students to feel overwhelmed at first when they see schedules at Elevations RTC. Once they are implemented and routines kick in, it is not too extreme. This extra bit of structure helps develop great habits and punctuality in general.

Easing the mind of parents

One of the most challenging things for any parent is to send their teenager away for an extended period of time. Even if everything occurs with great intentions, there is still a level of anxiety that is hard to think about without experiencing it firsthand. Instead of acting in secrecy, top residential treatment centers provide transparency to help out.

It is not out of the ordinary for parents to memorize what a normal schedule is like at Elevations RTC. They use this as a way to stay engaged and ask targeted questions when talking to their teenager. It also provides some peace of mind knowing that their child is getting an education that will not simply meet minimum requirements. 

The goal of Elevations RTC is to make sure that students come in and are ready to transition back home without missing a beat. If a student can't pull this off successfully, a large part of the program has let them down.

Standing behind teachers and the curriculums

What sets Elevations RTC apart from many other options out there is that they have top-level teachers, as well as an accredited curriculum. Teachers can make or break a program when working in such a specialized field. It matters that teachers not only have expertise in their specific subjects but being able to relate to a particular type of student matters as well.

Parents can work with our admissions team prior to enrollment to see our school curriculum or with our school registrar after enrollment to understand and choose the best curriculum for their child. The school at Elevations is fully accredited by Cognia, an organization or Northern Association of Schools and Colleges.  Elevations is also accredited in California as a nonpublic school. This makes credits easy to transfer to any school at the time of discharge. Having these accreditations as well as our academic sophistication makes Elevations one of the top options for families who stress academics.

Teachers, as well as other staff members, are open to answering any and all questions parents might have during the school year. They understand that students might not tell their parents everything, and it is sometimes hard to extract from them what is being worked on in school. Even if families are thousands of miles away, a quick voice or video call offers a level of transparency not found in many other areas.

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