December 15th, 2015

Callum Roche is Building the Ecom and Chill Brand to Disrupt an Entire Industry

DUBLIN, Ireland, Nov. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ecom and Chill was co-founded by Callum Roche alongside his longtime business partner Jordan O'Connor in Dublin, Ireland. The company helps influencers replace endorsement deals for 100% ownership of what they sell and promote online by building their own product based e-commerce business.

Callum Roche started Ecom And Chill to help social media influencers earn more than just a brand deal, but to own an asset. He believes that the future of influencing is entrepreneurship, not endorsements, “All you have to do is take a look at the influencers who are crushing it right now, they don’t rely on sponsored posts, they’re selling products that they have 100% equity in,” Callum explains.

Growing up in a world of social media and innovative technology, Callum Roche has always found it easy to come up with ideas and leverage social media to get the results. This ability sparked his motivation to drop out of university and start his own ecommerce business at the age of 18.

Callum Roche is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist and best-selling author. As an elite personal brand expert, he has worked side by side with 7-figure companies, entrepreneurs, celebrities and professional athletes.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the influencer economy is hurtling towards its first recession, marketing campaigns are being postponed or delayed which is inevitably taking influencer earnings down with it. Callum believes that this will only accelerate influencers to make a shift away from the current model of influencer marketing, "the economic downturn is definitely going to be a wakeup call for a lot of people. Those who fail to adapt may wonder in 12 to 18 months, where did it all go wrong," Callum stresses.

Ecom and Chill has a very unique business model when compared to most ecommerce agencies, as they don't just provide paid marketing or social media management. What separates them from the competition is that they offer complete brand build outs from scratch at a low cost.

"For the everyday influencer, the barrier to entry to starting their own product-based business is quite high because of the process involved. I mean you've got product design, logistics, managing the supply chain and then on the opposite side you've got marketing. It would be quite hard for someone who's never been involved in the industry to piece the perfect puzzle together. I mean they could outsource each part of the process, but it would kill the margins. That's the issue we solve, we are an all-in-one solution with a low cost, easy set up model," Callum explains.

Moreover, Callum wants influencers to know that by moving away from sponsorships and investing in their own product-based brand, they're also investing in something greater, an asset that has the potential to be sold for seven figures or more one day.

As we head into 2021, Callum Roche has his eyes set on the big leagues when it comes to building brands. With plans in place to onboard some high-profile names, "2021 is going to be a record-breaking year for us. We've invested a vast majority of our profits back into the company and have strengthened our supply chain which is going to allow us to carve out positions in new industries," Callum says.

In addition to having the expertise to build and scale a brand from zero, hard work, resilience and a strong external drive is necessary and, has been a crucial factor in Callum's success.

With such success growing ecommerce businesses and personal brands, Callum believes that the first investment upcoming entrepreneurs should make going in to 2021 is into themselves and their own brand. When he's not busy with Ecom and Chill, Callum dedicates the other half of his day to work closely with promising entrepreneurs and influencers on positioning and branding through his personal branding agency, Supercharged Clout.

As Callum Concluded, "If I could give any advice to someone who's just starting out, regardless of the industry you're in, make sure you are investing in your personal brand no matter what. It's important to keep in mind that people buy people!"

Get to know more about Callum Roche at his Instagram (@calroche) or visit his website here.

About Ecom and Chill

Ecom and Chill helps influencers earn potentially three times more from selling their own products without relying on sponsorships. All brands are created in-house which allows them to build and market partnered stores successfully. They take care of product design, ecommerce store management and paid media.

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Callum Roche Is Building the Ecom and Chill Brand to Disrupt an Entire Industry

Callum Roche Is Building the Ecom and Chill Brand to Disrupt an Entire Industry
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